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Rachael Sales Bereavement Recovery

Helping you with emotional and practical support following the loss of a loved one

Hi there, I am Rachael Sales. Over the years, I have understood about grief and how everybody’s journey is different and unique. With extensive experience, I provide emotional and practical support to help you work through your grief on losing a loved one – whether it is a relative, close friend, or a beloved pet.

At Rachael Sales Bereavement Recovery, our virtue lies in being person centred and tailored to your needs and emotions. Grief is a scary rollercoaster of emotions which I will work through, with you, in a safe, supportive environment to help you come to terms with your loss and adapt to your future.

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“Our job is to be a presence, rather than a saviour. A companion, rather than a leader. A friend, rather than a teacher.”

– John Welshon (Awakening from Grief)