Child Bereavement Support

For some children and young adults, losing a loved one, friend or pet is a devastating, confusing and unsettling experience which they may struggle to express and talk about with those closest to them.

Children are never too young to be affected by or understand the implications of a death and as such they need to be given the help and support to work through their grief but in a more age appropriate way. They need to be given the opportunity to understand their feelings and emotions just as adults would.

Trying to ignore or distract them from their grief may be damaging for them in the long run and protecting them or shielding them should be carefully thought through.

In my child bereavement services in the UK, I use age appropriate language, tools and ways to remember their loved ones, then I can encourage them to talk about their grief and support them to manage and express their feelings and emotions which should then hopefully prevent any unresolved feelings and emotions being taken through to their adulthood.

While offering child bereavement support services, I am also happy to work together with the family as a whole to help and support you as a unit to process your grief, remember your loved one and look how to reassess and move to the future.